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Citizen – True Self
Sketch   Title “True Self”   Reflection      Everyone is different; our social identity in a public sphere will also reflect a lot. [...]
week 05: juxtaposition
Title: Who is the winner after the gunshot? Moral – To hurt others is to destroy yourself.  
Brooklyn Museum_Mini-Task
  How is the meaning conveyed by the artist in your selected piece; is it through color? composition? symbols? The piece I selected is “Lace Headdress [...]
week 04: historical self
What is your favorite occupation? The first time when I want to be a fashion designer was when I was in primary school; our teacher gave me many stickers [...]
Critical Design readings_Mini-task
Critical Design as Constructive Provocation A critical design has many faces In the borderland between art and design It might cause a number of big issues [...]
week 03: ways of seeing
Location: Tsurutontan (a Japanese restaurant) Weather: Raining Time: around 6:30   Observations: -short hair -purple hoodie -jeans -sneaker -camera [...]
Assignment BRIDGE 1 : MEMOIR
IMG_0476-15pueg6  IMG_0469.TRIM-2er42zg
Notes to Self – A Memorable Experience
week 02_ notes to self
True Stories
True Stories
How do you deal when in difficult or unfamiliar situations/spaces? Think of emotions and behaviors           I will find the best way to solve the problem [...]
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