February 6, 2019 - Studio
  1. How do you deal when in difficult or unfamiliar situations/spaces? Think of emotions and behaviors

          I will find the best way to solve the problem or ask someone for help. I will feel uneasy and afraid.

  1. If you were to share a memory of one of these events, how would you do it? Through writing, telling a story, drawing?

          I would tell them as telling a story, especially the special part and some details that stand out from my memory.

  1. Find one piece in the exhibition that moves you (take a photograph) and explain why you chose it.

          I think the most interesting piece of the exhibition is “One Hundred Live and Die”. Because the work has 100 words that relate to life and death in different colors; one phrase after another flash on and off individually, and finally lit up the entire piece, creates a visual enjoyment.

  1. Is there a connection between the piece you selected (question 3) to the ways in which you share memories and experiences through your art?

          The artist’s piece I chose shows rich emotions and colors; some of my work also expresses the emotions in my memories and different colors to create effects.

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