Brooklyn Museum_Mini-Task

February 25, 2019 - Studio


  1. How is the meaning conveyed by the artist in your selected piece; is it through color? composition? symbols?
    The piece I selected is “Lace Headdress and Skirt.” This is made of machine-made lace, cotton, and ribbon; it looks grand and graceful, with the flower decoration on the head. The color of this garment are mainly pink and white; I think it shows the softness of women and a good combination with lace. The headdress is also called “Resplandor” in Spanish, meaning “The Brilliant, The Glowing.” This is original from Salina de Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico. Salina de Cruz is of “Zapotec” ethnicity, one of the most important pre-Columbian cultures. The dresses that Frida Kahlo used to wear and paint come from this area and ethical culture. The Resplandor is a typical headdress of the Tehuana women in the province of Oaxaca, Mexico. The pleated part fits tightly around the face, and the Resplandor is handmade in white lace with colored satin ribbons and starched, white pleated ruffles. It represents a high cultural and artistic value.


  1. How would you express your feelings of being in a new space or culture using specific materials, shapes, or objects? Think of ways to translate something abstract/intangible into a tangible form.

If I’m going to express my feelings in a new space or culture, I will combine the culture of that space. Use some unique materials such as fabric, or things that are specific to that space such as a pattern to express it; even some weird graphics, combined with my own feelings to make some changes, and make it special through the form. Some subtle details will also affect my feelings, which can represent the culture and what I feel about it.


  1. How does the piece you selected relate to your own critical object that you are designing for your partner?
    I decided to make a tote bag for my partner. I will use different fabrics to make it and add some decorations. Through the questions I interviewed her, I found that everyone has two sides. The Resplandor represents high cultural and artistic value. My critical object in some way can represent the value of each individual and the different sides of a person. If you focus on the headdress, it covers the head tightly, only can see the face; it makes me think like protection. The inside of the bag I’m going to make will be totally different from the outside, it represents the multi-faceted of my partner when she faces a different situation, also a way to protect herself.




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