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February 28, 2019 - Seminar




“True Self”



     Everyone is different; our social identity in a public sphere will also reflect a lot. Based on this, the ten interview questions I chose are all related to what my partner will react when she is around other people; also gives a better understanding of my partner. When I’m thinking about the questions I’m going to ask my partner, I first think about what kind of questions can reflect her social identity. I think the best way to know this is to ask some questions about choice when she’s outside; also some actions when she with other people. It’s important to know some specific thing that relates to her daily life. So I come up questions like “what are some social situations that make her uncomfortable, also do you prefer a lively or quiet environment.” Then I found that some of her memorable event or some that are important to her can also relate to her social identity. I researched different aspects to include different kinds of questions for me to know her in different views. In the process of choosing questions, I felt that experiences could have a huge effect on a person’s life. A few questions I asked her was to that she has to think and talk about a specific time that happened or what if it happened in her life, to bring out her personal experiences.

     During the interview, I remember my partner asked me “ Which seat do I usually like to sit when I go to the movie theatre?” I felt it was interesting that she asked me this question because this might be normal to other people; but for me, I usually like to sit in the very back, I never imagine this kind of question can also reflect my social identity in a public space. Another question is “Will I struggle with outfits every time?” It made me think back of whenever I think what should I wear the next day; also let me think on whether this is normal or a waste of time. Moreover, I think this is a good way for both my partner and me to get to know each other and communicate. To find out our similarities, to know her attitude when she has to face a difficult situation and to learn for her. In some experiences, we have a completely different style of doing things, that made me understand how our personal experience will make us different. From some of her answers, I can also resonate with her and learn some ways to solve the problems that I have. From my partner’s answers, I think we have a similar personality. The one I am most impressed with is when I ask her “Will you take the initiative to meet new people?” I was shocked when I heard her answer; her answer is the same as mine. I found we both not good at making new friends or meet new people,  but if it’s necessary, we will try our best. The example she gave me is that she has experienced to have dinner with people she doesn’t know about it, which is her mom’s friends. She feels uncomfortable and nervous, also very boring. The same thing happened to me; it reminds me of those times when I have to eat dinner with my mom’s friend and their children. Sometimes it’s not that I say no then I don’t have to go, because this is rude and not paying respect to others. However, this kind of situation makes me feel uncomfortable; I don’t know what to do, and I have to think what to say; sometimes I have to sit there for two hours to listen to them chatting. So that is what we both experienced and hate about it.

     Overall, I decided to make a tote bag for my partner. “My major is fashion design, so I am also very interested in different fabrics and patterns.” When I heard this answer, I’m thinking of using fabric as the medium for the artifact, which is something she likes and familiar with, to let her feel cozy. “I like quiet places. Too many people will make me feel crowded and uncomfortable. I usually choose some niche, non-tourist places.” If I make a tote bag for her, she can put the stuff she needs inside the bag, such as a book and earphone; like a companion, be with her in a quiet place and not feel alone. “When I interact with people, I will show my true self. Only the real one can attract people of the same kind.” Through this answer, I found that everyone has two sides. The inside of the bag I’m going to make will be totally different from the outside; it represents the multi-faceted of my partner when she faces a different situation, also a way to protect herself. “I usually don’t take the initiative to make friends and socialize, but when I have to socialize, I will smile and accept. I will behave differently to face a different kind of people.” I will use different fabrics to make it and add some decorations. The decorations can be little pockets inside the bag to represent her different personalities. “I will go to the movies on weekends, sometimes studying with my good friends at school, or going shopping, and going to some places to relax.” The tote bag itself will be light and soft, so she won’t feel too heavy or uncomfortable when she has many places to go to on the weekends. She can put many things inside and carry this bag anywhere she wants. Also, I hope my artifact can be useful for my partner.


10 Interview Questions

  1. What are some social situations that make you uncomfortable?
  2. Do you prefer a lively or quiet environment? Why?
  3. Would you be willing to take the initiative to help people you don’t know?
  4. What is the most impressive thing that has happened to you in the past year?
  5. Will you take the initiative to meet new people?
  6. What will you do on weekends?
  7. How would you maintain a relationship?
  8. If one day you achieve your dream/goal, what would you do?
  9. What is the most important thing for you?
  10. Will you give up what you want to accomplish because of some failures and setbacks?


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