week 06: relativity

March 5, 2019 - Seminar

Central Park

1. Central Park is a very famous place in New York. When I first came here, I felt that this place is huge, and many parts in central park are meaningful. I like this place because it’s a place for me to relax. Sometimes I can sit on the chair and listen to music; or take a walk around the park on the weekends. An excellent place to avoid crowded streets and slow down.

2. I remember I saw a newlywed couple taking a wedding photo in the park. This is the first time I saw someone taking a wedding photo in the park, so I was very excited. Many people were watching, and someone said a greeting to the newlyweds. The scenery in the park is beautiful, and it is also the right place for people who like to take photos.

3. Marea – a restaurant
I had my 18th birthday dinner in that restaurant. It was a meaningful memory for me because 18 is an important age for me and I was with my family and my best friend. I remember people sang a birthday song for me, and some strangers also said happy birthday to me, I was very shy, but grateful at that time. The service at this restaurant is, and it is perfect for dinner. The lights in the restaurant were a little bit dark to create the atmosphere, and the restaurant was filled with the smell of delicious food.

4. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a place where I love to go to. I still remember I saw the exhibition of Rei-Kawakubo; it was amazing and influenced me a lot. This museum is for people who love to visit museums; they have good shows and is very big inside the museum.

5. There are many sculptures in the park. The one I remember is called “Alice in Wonderland”; the sculpture reminds me of the movie. These sculptures in the park are all meaningful and historical; it’s good for people to explore.

6. A few years ago, my mom, sister and I went to the Central Park Zoo. I remember that we haven’t been to any zoo for a long time, so my sister and I had an enjoyable time. I also recorded many videos while walking. There are many different areas in this zoo, and there are also animal shows. It is a place that is suitable for children and family to spend time together.

7. I remember it was a scorching day, I was sweating. Then I saw there was a car selling ice cream on the roadside and I bought vanilla-flavored ice cream; but after a few minutes, my ice cream fell to the ground because it melts quickly. I was upset at the beginning, but my mother bought me a bigger one to make me happy. This kind of way to selling ice cream is good because it is convenient and fast for people passing by, especially in summer.

8. In August last year, I was having a picnic with my friends on the grass and playing games in the Sheep Meadow. It was a very happy memory because it’s my first time to have a picnic with my friend. The environment of that place is nice; there is a big open space, many people are having a picnic, you can also make new friends there.

9. I remember that I saw an old couple sitting on the bench in the park. They looked delightful, talking and laughing, and make people feel envious. This place is suitable for the elderly because they can exercise or sunbathe in good weather.

10. I remember that there was a place where many tourists were taking pictures. There was a round thing on the ground, with the word “IMAGINE” in the middle of the circle, and some flowers next to it. I was confused at the time, but after I knew that that is called Strawberry Fields, a place to commemorate a singer. This is a great way to remember others, which will make a meaningful memory for tourists or people who like that singer.

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