week 07: the x of xx

March 9, 2019 - Seminar

Xx’s sister

I am the older sister of xx. I am the sister who grew up with her. I am her role model in my parents’ mouth. I have the responsibility to take care of her. I remember when I was little, my parents asked me: “Do I want a brother or sister?” I said: “Yes!” I still remember the first time I held her carefully in my arms. I was delighted, just like having a new playmate. Back in time, when I was playing with her, I am a good sister; but when we were quarreling, and I made her cry, then I felt like a bad sister. Sometimes I will get mad of her because she bought the same clothes as me; she eats my favorite snack, or even touch my toys. For a few times, I also thought about would it be better if I didn’t say I want a sister; or I hope I can have an older brother. The time passes, I felt like both of us become more sensible. I feel fortunate to have a sister, and I seem to have a close friend. We live together every day; we can do many things together. In general times, we will watch movies, play games together, and buy the same clothes and shoes, etc. In the case of our quarrel, we will not talk to each other and sometimes ignore each other. One thing that moves me very much is that she will prepare birthday gifts for me starting from a few years ago. She always prepares different gifts. These gifts are not expensive, but it’s the thought that counts. My sister is good at handmade things, so she will also make things for me as a surprise. As a sister, everything that happens is my unforgettable memory and experience.


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