week 08: artful replica

March 15, 2019 - Seminar

Original Myth:

Changxi bath the moons (From “Classic of Mountains and Seas”)

A story in ancient Chinese mythology about the origins of the moon. Changxi (a Chinese lunar goddess) is the wife of Di Jun (the God of the Eastern). She is the mother of twelve moons. Her twelve moon daughters, each has a different shape. They would complete a full journey across the heavens every day. She bathed her children in a water pool. Changxi and her twelve moons represent the Chinese lunar calendars.


Title: Super Moon Girls

Modern Version:

When time travels to the future, twelve girls become a mysterious group that only appears at night. They each have a different superpower. No one knows who they are and where they come from; the only thing that people talked about is their mother – a woman with the superpower. After twelve girls grow up, their mother disappeared without a trace. There are three things she left for her moon daughters – a transparent bottle, a poster, and a shelf of glass jars. The transparent container has a pattern about the universe on it. The bottle is almost filled with black beads, and the twelve moon girls appear at night to collect these strange black beads. They don’t know what will happen, but this may be the only chance for mom to come back. They live in an extremely dark space, where there is a large scale poster on the wall. A poster of 100 books with abstract covers. They need to read a book every night before they are going to sleep. That means there will be something happen after they finish the last book. The last thing which is the glass jars, they have to put specific stuff in the jar to keep their power and energy. Another weird thing is that twelves moon girls will turn into different moon shaped stone on every Monday. This is the time where they can connect with another part in the universe, a place only they know. They will practice on their superpowers and be more strong. Days after days, when they finished the last book; they shuttled to an unknown place. A woman standing far away seems to be their mother.





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