March 25, 2019 - Studio

From the exhibition, Behind the Screen:

The first one is about the world series baseball. The Everything from the stadiums to the players to the television camera angles and motion graphics is simulated in baseball video games. In turn, televised sports take their cues from video games.


The second one is about basketball. Fans take women’s representation into their own hands. It says women have been mainly absent from sports video game franchises. Fans communities have developed mods for the PC versions of NBA 2K. They updated player rosters and created stadiums, uniforms, and player skin tones and faces; and the mods used NBA player animations.


The third one is about a tennis game. Tennis for Two was the world’s first video game. Tennis for Two was the world’s first video game. Though rudimentary, the ball, court, and net depicted on an oscilloscope were enough to suggest a game of tennis. The experience of playing Tennis for Two was markedly different from playing an actual tennis match. Thus began an ongoing relationship between sports and sports video games, whose play experiences are vastly different but inextricably linked.


The similarities are that they are all related to sports. There is also a real event that happened based on this video to compare with. Showing people different levels of creativity. The differences are that all these sports are in different fields. Their creation has various causes. Also, a different way for people to experience the game.


From the installation, The GIF Elevator:

When I first saw these installation pieces, I felt it creates a space for us to experiences while I was in the elevator. It shows the diversity of contemporary GIF. It was a small space in the elevator; it made me think and focus on their movements. Each of these installations pieces are in a different theme, something relates to nature, 3D, and cartoon. It is so different from their use of color and style; each of these gives me a different feeling, such as futuristic, gloomy, dreamy.

I was shocked when I first saw Akua by Render Fruit (Clara Luzian), the image suddenly appeared on the screen and looked like two people formed by water. In the beginning, I felt it is weird because I can see two people is moving around in a very soft way, like snakes. However, when I focus on their movement, I can feel the connection between each screen; it made me think about what are these about. The overall is different shades of purple color, and it creates an unreal and imaginary effect with the cosmic background. It’s like they are flying in the universe.


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