Monthly Archives: April 2019

Bridge 4_Planning Mini-task
Sprint Workshop_Mini-task
Research question: What if we live in a world without public art? Thesis Statement: Public art is a way to express community value; to show the cultural [...]
week 11: radical cartography
Mind Map   Sources [...]
Assignment BRIDGE 3: NY Experience
Documentary:    Circle:   Process: Interview Questions Restaurant: What time do you usually get very busy? What time do you usually eat a meal? [...]
week 10: pledge turn prestige
The Blooming Moment The blooming moment – an easy magic trick that depicts the story of a flower. To begin this magic trick, a clear bowl with water [...]
invisible cities
Booklet:   Story: Architecture, person Korean Amy: Every time when I walk to 32nd Street in midtown of Manhattan, I feel loneliness in the Korean Way [...]
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