Assignment BRIDGE 4: Research-led Design

May 7, 2019 - Studio

Public Art



Design Brief:

I created a small model of public sculpture as my artifact for this project based on the research of the topic “Public Art.” Public art is any media that has been created by an artist and display in an open area, usually outside and accessible to everyone. Moreover, Public art is a way to express community value; to show the cultural heritage; it’s also for people to interact in the open area. Public art can be a reflection of how different artists sees the world by creating a variety of form. To explore how public art attractive to the community. Nowadays, public art is everywhere. But think about what if we live in a world without public art? Would it be better or it will make you feel something that is missing. Community values, artists styles, and interaction with the public are the most important parts of public art that show a brand new understanding for viewers in today’s society. The material of my public sculpture is using wood. First, I did a few drawings of the way I’m going to build it, including different shapes and types of public art. Then, I cut the wood into pieces of the shape that I wanted and connected them by using wood sticks. Finally, it formed the shape of the public sculpture I designed. Throughout the research, I found that interaction between people is very important. I decided to choose a place to place my work, and I chose a garden in Vancouver. Inside the garden, there is an empty space that I think it’s great for people to see and make interaction. People can pick up the tree leaves or flower petals on the ground from anywhere inside the garden; there will be glue and color pencils beside the sculpture for them to write anything they want on the leaf and glue it on the wood. So the final result will be much different and to see a different view from different perspectives. Another reason why I use material wood is that this garden is about nature, so the wood could be an excellent material that related to nature. Public art is a creative way also a more effective way to communicate the culture of each country. Another important point is that delicate public arts are not just decoration. People as viewers should pay more attention and be respectful. To explore and to enjoy the art form to pass messages in the world of public art.


Process & Research Notes


Self Reflection:

Artifact – I think the object that I created is experimental and entirely related to my research topic about public art. I’ve chosen a place where I want it to display. Also paid attention to the situation in that place to select materials.

Design brief – my design brief explained my topic and the main points, also include the process of making my public sculpture.

Process – I showed how my idea gets more organized step by step and all the materials that I used.

What can be improved –  If I have more time, I will cut the wood pieces more carefully; and try different combinations of those wood pieces.



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