May 7, 2019 - Seminar

Through this semester, I learned and experimented different ways of created things. For the first project, it’s my first time trying to create something related to AR. I think it’s exciting and experimental, but a little bit hard to control. The final product is playful, also a new technique for me to explore. The second project was a challenge for me at the beginning because I have to interview my partner and create an artifact based on her answers. However, I enjoyed the process and made the artifact using a 3D pen. For the third project, I’m happy to work with my group members; we shared our ideas and made the documentary about K-town. The final project where I created a small model of public sculpture as my artifact based on the research of the topic “Public Art.” The material of my public sculpture is using wood. First, I did a few drawings of the way I’m going to build it, including different shapes and types of public art. Then, I cut the wood into pieces of the shape that I wanted and connected them by using wood sticks. Finally, it formed the way of public sculpture. Throughout the research, I found that interaction between people is very important.

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