Bridge 1: Loom Weaving

June 3, 2019 - Studio 2










This is my first time making loom weaving using yarns. It takes some time for me to get used to the technique. But after a few times, I can make it quicker. I use hand to create this work and use a needle as an auxiliary for some tight part. For the materials, I used different shades of purple color yarn, wire, and buttons in black color and specular. I used these materials because the word “purple” appears in my poem; also, it’s the only color word, so I chose purple color yarn. I create a dream catcher, which also appeared in my poem; purple color seems more dreamlike to me. The wire is to support the circle shape and make it more stable. The last stanza of my poem talks about different kinds of life, so the specular button is like a reflection of ourselves, to see the real self; the black color button represents some dark or unhappy moments that exist in memory during one’s life. Finally, it formed this dream catcher that brings luck.

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