Bridge 2: wearable piece

June 10, 2019 - Studio 2

Brooklyn Museum

Woman’s Necklace, late 19th – early 20th centuries, Northern Japan; Edo period.

The combination of colors and the shape in various sizes of this work stick out to me. It has different shades of blue and brown color interlaced. The medium of this necklace is brass, different kinds of beads, metal wire, and cotton ribbon. The texture of the most significant part of the necklace is exquisite; it has a retro feel.  This piece of work relates to the theme of “Truth” is because it shows the real design and meaning on a specific period of time and the reason why and when women wear necklace.







Process Photos

The image process contains the materials used for the wearable piece, such as fabric, organza, and decorations made with a 3D pen.




Final Piece





The wearable piece was design based on a piece of work from the Brooklyn Museum called “Woman’s Necklace.”  The central idea of this garment is to design a dress with a focus on women, from the design details and materials to reflect the woman’s personality. The overall design is simple and straightforward, based on a basic dress with different detailing on it. This design continues the main color of the necklace, dominated by blue and tan. The basic dress uses space cotton to show the softness of the woman’s soft side. The addition of blue acrylic paint to the khaki color space cotton also represents the strong side. The basic dress divided into two parts, the front of the basic dress decorated with a layer of light brown organza, like a hard shield; while the back portion has no organza, reflecting a soft and strong combination. One side of the dress designed with a slit and some decorations added — a pleat made of organza, like a fan; also using a 3D pen to create two simple shapes; a sphere and a cube also used different blues which contains the same element of the necklace. These decorations also happen to reflect the different colors of personality charm of each woman. The garment is to show the concept that relates to the truth of woman, even trying to show the real side.


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