Claim – Memory

June 11, 2019 - Seminar 2

Research question:

What gives us the power to decide what our lives are?



Memory can affect who you are as a person.



Different kinds of memory and experience formed the way of thinking, and the body language will remains you the message that relates to memories.

Memory is some moment you remember forever. So there is a high probability that can influence you during your lifetime.

Pay attention to what you remember because it somehow affects your behavior. Also, you can make it better for the future.

For example, when you are doing something, you will naturally be connected with memories that impress you. It will come up in your mind, but that may change your thinking before making any decision.



There is an article from the American Psychoanalytic Association said that “memories make us who we are. They create our worldview in ways we hardly realize. Like a character made of Legos, people built of blocks of memory that all fit together to form our consciousness.”



Some people believed in this, but others argue that there is no specific result to prove this point. No one will know if this group of people make this up.



The American Psychoanalytic Association (APsaA) is an association of psychoanalysts in the United States. APsaA serves as a scientific and professional organization with a focus on education, research, and membership development.


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