Bridge 3: Concept Pitch

June 13, 2019 - Studio 2

Research question: What gives us the power to decide what our lives are?

Research concepts:

– can memories become an invisible power that affects a person’s behaviour?

-something that can influence a person’s life by making dicisions based on good or bad memories?

-should people be curious and know what will affect thier life?



4 Examples of Artists/Designers

1.Pat Perry

Michigan-based artist Pat Perry – allow the concept of memory to become tangible with a strong and familiar sense of home swirling around or living inside the head of the person.


2.Debbie Smyth

Textile artist Debbie Smyth – inspired by memories “In Full Swing”


3.Titus Kaphar

Titus Kaphar‘s newest installation, “The Vesper Project,” revolves around confabulation, a fantasy masquerading as a memory or factual account.


4. Liz Steketee

“My belief is that life experiences are a combination of independent, non-linear moments that we construct into memory. These memories can shift and change over time. They have specific colors and levels of visual clarity.”


3 examples of monuments or public art works

1.Ugo Rondinone

famous for creating large scale public art sculptures

The 10 metre tall artwork is called Liverpool Mountain


2. American artist Janet Echelman


3.Lisa Hamilton


4 material ideas

– yarn

– plaster

– wire

– ribbon



fifth floor in the university center





Bridge 4 project

A public art that contain multi elements and relate to life and memory.


Mood Board



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