Week 5: Painting with Bacteria Lab prep

September 22, 2019 - Sustainable Systems



natural watercolor postcard sample




It is amazing to paint with bacteria. I have observed and cultivated bacteria in previous science classes, but I never think that I could paint with bacteria. I believe that the use of natural and scientifically developed bacterial paintings can simultaneously show the magic of science and the greatness of art. I am looking forward to this opportunity and the final result. In contrast, colors in bacteria are more natural and have a limited variety of colors. I also found that some natural colors change hue as pH changes. But there are too many different choices for synthetic colors. Each color can have different shades, and they can be mixed and matched to produce millions of colors. I think bacteria can replace dyeing methods. Because as the article mentioned that growing bacteria as a dye factory can lead to a more sustainable way to color since these bio pigments are an alternative to synthetic, toxic textile dyes. And I would like to try this method to see if I can create some natural or unique patterns on the fabric.








The stars and the moon have always attracted me in real life. They are the light in the night. They often have some amazing natural sights, so we should protect the environment to see more in the future. I also always want the stars and the moon to appear in my work as unique elements. I remember that there is an artist in China called “Wei.” She tracks the moon every day, remembers it in her heart, and then draws them. Her work has given me a lot of inspiration. The third design is like a poster that represents a beautiful life as long as we do our best to protect our future. The last design is my favorite cartoon character – Stitch, I have no particular reason to choose this. I hope I can use bacteria to draw this character. I think bacteria give these designs a different feel. I try to choose simple graphics and choose the design I want to paint in a limited color.



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