Mid-term reflection + Regeneration Design

October 19, 2019 - Sustainable Systems



I satisfied with the result of our Kombucha leather. The beginning of the process made me a little bit anxious because I’m afraid if we won’t get the result. But at the same time, I’m looking forward to the outcome. Our group decided to make the kombucha leather into a basket, it’s hard to make the shape, but it gets much better after it gets dried. I like the person who made a phone case by using kombucha leather, and I would like to try that next time.


I think the most challenging thing is that I have come into contact with a lot of new aspects of knowledge. I need to do a lot of research to learn and understand. I like the various orientation we have attended, also the FNBK practicing observation, which has taught me a lot of experience and learning. I will continue to work hard to learn new skills.



1. I agree with what he said. Many of our actions now jeopardize our environment and create many uncertainties in the future. Large-scale production can cause environmental pollution due to materials, increase material consumption, and have a high probability of becoming an abandoned part.

2. The moment when he saw people throwing trash in such a beautiful spot, he realizes that creating a new product means the old product will be thrown away. So the responsibilities as a designer are part of it, a designer should feel responsible for it, not just decorative design.

3. I think that starting from the same thing, you should take good care of them, instead of using huge profits and then trying to discard them. Maintenance should be more like help.

4. There is a kind of toothpick made of sweet potato. It has the advantage of saving a lot of wood, not hurting the teeth, and can be eaten after use, reducing the generation of garbage.

5. I think designers think that repair is a necessary factor, and many designs can be destroyed under particular circumstances. In this case, the repair plays a significant role instead of choosing to discard it. Waste utilization is a great way, such as the cookie box becoming a jewelry box or the storage of items.

6. The first thing is creating something simple, which doesn’t use a lot of resources, creating a thing from limited material and saving resources. The second one is to focus on natural materials. It’s important because he said the design should be recycled. I agree with these two points because if you produce a design for people to use by using so many materials and make it very complex, then the design is just beautiful, but the result and impact left to the environment are huge.

7. This video talks about some important reasons and ways to let us know the real purpose of the design. I feel that I have new ideas and an understanding of environmentally friendly design.


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