Week 9: Long Life Design business practices

October 19, 2019 - Sustainable Systems



The company is built on transparency, honesty, and an obsession with quality. So I think in some way it relates to the cost, sales, manufacturing, and design. The website says all of the teas are sourced directly from growers and producers, and they will visit several times a year. They provide the finest and freshest local teas of Japan to customers from the origin and sell it at lower prices, available to customers throughout the world. I also saw their Instagram post, which they supply a unique range of teaware in both contemporary and antique styles. These designs also add to the aesthetics and make people who drink tea more enjoyable.



Over the next ten years, I think it would be planned production and design. Because after getting familiar with the business, you can probably master the annual production and sales volume. If you produce it in the plan, you can not only provide the best tea but also ensure that there won’t be too much tea to be waste. The design aspect can not only be more beautiful and attractive based on the original but also can make appropriate changes with the trend of innovation.




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