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October 30, 2019 - Sustainable Systems






2) Reflect on trip to Kettl

– I think the most interesting thing is that everyone sits around a table, watching him make tea for everyone to drink, and we can try it out to make matcha, I learned new informations about tea and the process of making tea.

– Yes, first of all, because the overall environment is very comfortable. He said that his goal is to highlight the best tea in the Japanese town, so that more people who are not in Japan can drink local tea, which may be the desire of many people in New York. And I noticed that there are many varieties of tea that can satisfy different tastes and needs. There are also a variety of tea sets in the store that make people enjoy tea more.


Air conditioning system – to produce a specified condition of air within a require space.

Hot water supply system – electrical heating system

– water heated to a specific temperature for use.

– Instantaneous: Water is heated on demand when hot water outlets are opened.

Farm system – small independent specialized family farms.

Foodservice system – ready-prepared (or cook/chill or cook/freeze). Foods are prepared on site, then chilled or frozen, and stored for reheating at a later time.

Electromagnetic energy system – electromagnetic energy is energy from light or electromagnetic waves. (Plants make use of the Sun’s electromagnetic energy for photosynthesis.)

Thermal energy system – thermal energy or heat energy reflects the temperature difference between two systems.

Ceramic material system – traditional ceramics and advanced ceramics.

Wood material system – specialty wood pieces – fabrication and installation – custom design.


– I think he is more of a businessman because he mentioned his partner and entrepreneurial experience, and his passion for the industry. At the same time, he also has some connections with artists. I think that cooking tea and tea culture is also an art. This kind of art requires patience and deep learning. The furnishings and ceramics in his shop are very artistic, although not his own, but he mentioned that his wife has done a lot. His works are very beautiful, I personally like it very much, from the style of the store to the tea set for tea, and the color and taste of the tea are very attractive.

– I think his work is sustainable, because some people who pursue high quality or love Japanese tea will go to Japan specifically to buy tea. His way is to reduce some people’s travel by plane, reduce carbon consumption, and help the environment. The second is that he brought many local teas that were unknown or could not be sold to New York, avoiding the waste and slow sales of tea, and properly solving the interests of some farmers.



National Day is a statutory holiday formulated by a country to commemorate the country itself. The military parade is a ceremony to review the armed forces. It is usually held during major national festivals, welcoming guests and military expeditions, triumphs, school readings, flags, awards, and large-scale military exercises to show celebrations, tribute, show the achievements of military construction, and to be spectacular, to revive the military, and to promote morale. From 1949 to 2019, 70 years have passed. China has held 14 military parades on the National Day, which also represents the 70 years of this cultural practice.

I think the National Day military parade is an important form of demonstrating the achievements of armed forces and building national self-confidence and pride. Through the military parade, it is possible to show the nation and the world the great achievements of China’s national defense and military modernization since the founding of New China, especially since the reform and opening up. The reason for the existence of each National Day military parade is to show the achievements of the country in a more innovative and shocking way. The parade evokes people’s memories, and countless details have also touched the people.


This practice relies heavily on energy and materials, and there are no specific systems, but I have listed some examples of environmental protection at the military parade and not polluting the environment.





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