Monthly Archives: November 2019

Week 13: In-class assignment
Week 13: Final Project plan and Work-in-Progress
  1) First I will try to collect old clothes or fabrics. Try to design different laptop bags, including shapes, fabrics, details, and sizes. Pick one [...]
draft design brief + reflect on FNBK process
  1)     The weather became freezing , the wind was very biting, and everyone was wearing thick clothes. The interesting point is that most people who [...]
PS147 Reflection + Final Projects
  1) I think it was a pleasant visit! At first, I was very nervous, I was afraid that I would not communicate with the fourth-grade students, or they [...]
PS147 Prep + Three Final Project ideas
  1) This is the first time I heard about the concept of Seventh Generation Sustainability. I think this idea sounds like an extremely long-term goal. [...]
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