From the exhibition, Behind the Screen:

The first one is about the world series baseball. The Everything from the stadiums to the players to the television camera angles and motion graphics is simulated in baseball video games. In turn, televised sports take their cues from video games.


The second one is about basketball. Fans take women’s representation into their own hands. It says women have been mainly absent from sports video game franchises. Fans communities have developed mods for the PC versions of NBA 2K. They updated player rosters and created stadiums, uniforms, and player skin tones and faces; and the mods used NBA player animations.


The third one is about a tennis game. Tennis for Two was the world’s first video game. Tennis for Two was the world’s first video game. Though rudimentary, the ball, court, and net depicted on an oscilloscope were enough to suggest a game of tennis. The experience of playing Tennis for Two was markedly different from playing an actual tennis match. Thus began an ongoing relationship between sports and sports video games, whose play experiences are vastly different but inextricably linked.


The similarities are that they are all related to sports. There is also a real event that happened based on this video to compare with. Showing people different levels of creativity. The differences are that all these sports are in different fields. Their creation has various causes. Also, a different way for people to experience the game.


From the installation, The GIF Elevator:

When I first saw these installation pieces, I felt it creates a space for us to experiences while I was in the elevator. It shows the diversity of contemporary GIF. It was a small space in the elevator; it made me think and focus on their movements. Each of these installations pieces are in a different theme, something relates to nature, 3D, and cartoon. It is so different from their use of color and style; each of these gives me a different feeling, such as futuristic, gloomy, dreamy.

I was shocked when I first saw Akua by Render Fruit (Clara Luzian), the image suddenly appeared on the screen and looked like two people formed by water. In the beginning, I felt it is weird because I can see two people is moving around in a very soft way, like snakes. However, when I focus on their movement, I can feel the connection between each screen; it made me think about what are these about. The overall is different shades of purple color, and it creates an unreal and imaginary effect with the cosmic background. It’s like they are flying in the universe.


week 08: artful replica

Original Myth:

Changxi bath the moons (From “Classic of Mountains and Seas”)

A story in ancient Chinese mythology about the origins of the moon. Changxi (a Chinese lunar goddess) is the wife of Di Jun (the God of the Eastern). She is the mother of twelve moons. Her twelve moon daughters, each has a different shape. They would complete a full journey across the heavens every day. She bathed her children in a water pool. Changxi and her twelve moons represent the Chinese lunar calendars.


Title: Super Moon Girls

Modern Version:

When time travels to the future, twelve girls become a mysterious group that only appears at night. They each have a different superpower. No one knows who they are and where they come from; the only thing that people talked about is their mother – a woman with the superpower. After twelve girls grow up, their mother disappeared without a trace. There are three things she left for her moon daughters – a transparent bottle, a poster, and a shelf of glass jars. The transparent container has a pattern about the universe on it. The bottle is almost filled with black beads, and the twelve moon girls appear at night to collect these strange black beads. They don’t know what will happen, but this may be the only chance for mom to come back. They live in an extremely dark space, where there is a large scale poster on the wall. A poster of 100 books with abstract covers. They need to read a book every night before they are going to sleep. That means there will be something happen after they finish the last book. The last thing which is the glass jars, they have to put specific stuff in the jar to keep their power and energy. Another weird thing is that twelves moon girls will turn into different moon shaped stone on every Monday. This is the time where they can connect with another part in the universe, a place only they know. They will practice on their superpowers and be more strong. Days after days, when they finished the last book; they shuttled to an unknown place. A woman standing far away seems to be their mother.





Assignment BRIDGE 2 : Contestational Artifacts

“ True Self ”


10 Interview Questions

  1. What are some social situations that make you uncomfortable?
  2. Do you prefer a lively or quiet environment? Why?
  3. Would you be willing to take the initiative to help people you don’t know?
  4. What is the most impressive thing that has happened to you in the past year?
  5. Will you take the initiative to meet new people?
  6. What will you do on weekends?
  7. How would you maintain a relationship?
  8. If one day you achieve your dream/goal, what would you do?
  9. What is the most important thing for you?
  10. Will you give up what you want to accomplish because of some failures and setbacks?

week 07: the x of xx

Xx’s sister

I am the older sister of xx. I am the sister who grew up with her. I am her role model in my parents’ mouth. I have the responsibility to take care of her. I remember when I was little, my parents asked me: “Do I want a brother or sister?” I said: “Yes!” I still remember the first time I held her carefully in my arms. I was delighted, just like having a new playmate. Back in time, when I was playing with her, I am a good sister; but when we were quarreling, and I made her cry, then I felt like a bad sister. Sometimes I will get mad of her because she bought the same clothes as me; she eats my favorite snack, or even touch my toys. For a few times, I also thought about would it be better if I didn’t say I want a sister; or I hope I can have an older brother. The time passes, I felt like both of us become more sensible. I feel fortunate to have a sister, and I seem to have a close friend. We live together every day; we can do many things together. In general times, we will watch movies, play games together, and buy the same clothes and shoes, etc. In the case of our quarrel, we will not talk to each other and sometimes ignore each other. One thing that moves me very much is that she will prepare birthday gifts for me starting from a few years ago. She always prepares different gifts. These gifts are not expensive, but it’s the thought that counts. My sister is good at handmade things, so she will also make things for me as a surprise. As a sister, everything that happens is my unforgettable memory and experience.


week 06: relativity

Central Park

1. Central Park is a very famous place in New York. When I first came here, I felt that this place is huge, and many parts in central park are meaningful. I like this place because it’s a place for me to relax. Sometimes I can sit on the chair and listen to music; or take a walk around the park on the weekends. An excellent place to avoid crowded streets and slow down.

2. I remember I saw a newlywed couple taking a wedding photo in the park. This is the first time I saw someone taking a wedding photo in the park, so I was very excited. Many people were watching, and someone said a greeting to the newlyweds. The scenery in the park is beautiful, and it is also the right place for people who like to take photos.

3. Marea – a restaurant
I had my 18th birthday dinner in that restaurant. It was a meaningful memory for me because 18 is an important age for me and I was with my family and my best friend. I remember people sang a birthday song for me, and some strangers also said happy birthday to me, I was very shy, but grateful at that time. The service at this restaurant is, and it is perfect for dinner. The lights in the restaurant were a little bit dark to create the atmosphere, and the restaurant was filled with the smell of delicious food.

4. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a place where I love to go to. I still remember I saw the exhibition of Rei-Kawakubo; it was amazing and influenced me a lot. This museum is for people who love to visit museums; they have good shows and is very big inside the museum.

5. There are many sculptures in the park. The one I remember is called “Alice in Wonderland”; the sculpture reminds me of the movie. These sculptures in the park are all meaningful and historical; it’s good for people to explore.

6. A few years ago, my mom, sister and I went to the Central Park Zoo. I remember that we haven’t been to any zoo for a long time, so my sister and I had an enjoyable time. I also recorded many videos while walking. There are many different areas in this zoo, and there are also animal shows. It is a place that is suitable for children and family to spend time together.

7. I remember it was a scorching day, I was sweating. Then I saw there was a car selling ice cream on the roadside and I bought vanilla-flavored ice cream; but after a few minutes, my ice cream fell to the ground because it melts quickly. I was upset at the beginning, but my mother bought me a bigger one to make me happy. This kind of way to selling ice cream is good because it is convenient and fast for people passing by, especially in summer.

8. In August last year, I was having a picnic with my friends on the grass and playing games in the Sheep Meadow. It was a very happy memory because it’s my first time to have a picnic with my friend. The environment of that place is nice; there is a big open space, many people are having a picnic, you can also make new friends there.

9. I remember that I saw an old couple sitting on the bench in the park. They looked delightful, talking and laughing, and make people feel envious. This place is suitable for the elderly because they can exercise or sunbathe in good weather.

10. I remember that there was a place where many tourists were taking pictures. There was a round thing on the ground, with the word “IMAGINE” in the middle of the circle, and some flowers next to it. I was confused at the time, but after I knew that that is called Strawberry Fields, a place to commemorate a singer. This is a great way to remember others, which will make a meaningful memory for tourists or people who like that singer.

Citizen – True Self




“True Self”



     Everyone is different; our social identity in a public sphere will also reflect a lot. Based on this, the ten interview questions I chose are all related to what my partner will react when she is around other people; also gives a better understanding of my partner. When I’m thinking about the questions I’m going to ask my partner, I first think about what kind of questions can reflect her social identity. I think the best way to know this is to ask some questions about choice when she’s outside; also some actions when she with other people. It’s important to know some specific thing that relates to her daily life. So I come up questions like “what are some social situations that make her uncomfortable, also do you prefer a lively or quiet environment.” Then I found that some of her memorable event or some that are important to her can also relate to her social identity. I researched different aspects to include different kinds of questions for me to know her in different views. In the process of choosing questions, I felt that experiences could have a huge effect on a person’s life. A few questions I asked her was to that she has to think and talk about a specific time that happened or what if it happened in her life, to bring out her personal experiences.

     During the interview, I remember my partner asked me “ Which seat do I usually like to sit when I go to the movie theatre?” I felt it was interesting that she asked me this question because this might be normal to other people; but for me, I usually like to sit in the very back, I never imagine this kind of question can also reflect my social identity in a public space. Another question is “Will I struggle with outfits every time?” It made me think back of whenever I think what should I wear the next day; also let me think on whether this is normal or a waste of time. Moreover, I think this is a good way for both my partner and me to get to know each other and communicate. To find out our similarities, to know her attitude when she has to face a difficult situation and to learn for her. In some experiences, we have a completely different style of doing things, that made me understand how our personal experience will make us different. From some of her answers, I can also resonate with her and learn some ways to solve the problems that I have. From my partner’s answers, I think we have a similar personality. The one I am most impressed with is when I ask her “Will you take the initiative to meet new people?” I was shocked when I heard her answer; her answer is the same as mine. I found we both not good at making new friends or meet new people,  but if it’s necessary, we will try our best. The example she gave me is that she has experienced to have dinner with people she doesn’t know about it, which is her mom’s friends. She feels uncomfortable and nervous, also very boring. The same thing happened to me; it reminds me of those times when I have to eat dinner with my mom’s friend and their children. Sometimes it’s not that I say no then I don’t have to go, because this is rude and not paying respect to others. However, this kind of situation makes me feel uncomfortable; I don’t know what to do, and I have to think what to say; sometimes I have to sit there for two hours to listen to them chatting. So that is what we both experienced and hate about it.

     Overall, I decided to make a tote bag for my partner. “My major is fashion design, so I am also very interested in different fabrics and patterns.” When I heard this answer, I’m thinking of using fabric as the medium for the artifact, which is something she likes and familiar with, to let her feel cozy. “I like quiet places. Too many people will make me feel crowded and uncomfortable. I usually choose some niche, non-tourist places.” If I make a tote bag for her, she can put the stuff she needs inside the bag, such as a book and earphone; like a companion, be with her in a quiet place and not feel alone. “When I interact with people, I will show my true self. Only the real one can attract people of the same kind.” Through this answer, I found that everyone has two sides. The inside of the bag I’m going to make will be totally different from the outside; it represents the multi-faceted of my partner when she faces a different situation, also a way to protect herself. “I usually don’t take the initiative to make friends and socialize, but when I have to socialize, I will smile and accept. I will behave differently to face a different kind of people.” I will use different fabrics to make it and add some decorations. The decorations can be little pockets inside the bag to represent her different personalities. “I will go to the movies on weekends, sometimes studying with my good friends at school, or going shopping, and going to some places to relax.” The tote bag itself will be light and soft, so she won’t feel too heavy or uncomfortable when she has many places to go to on the weekends. She can put many things inside and carry this bag anywhere she wants. Also, I hope my artifact can be useful for my partner.


10 Interview Questions

  1. What are some social situations that make you uncomfortable?
  2. Do you prefer a lively or quiet environment? Why?
  3. Would you be willing to take the initiative to help people you don’t know?
  4. What is the most impressive thing that has happened to you in the past year?
  5. Will you take the initiative to meet new people?
  6. What will you do on weekends?
  7. How would you maintain a relationship?
  8. If one day you achieve your dream/goal, what would you do?
  9. What is the most important thing for you?
  10. Will you give up what you want to accomplish because of some failures and setbacks?


Audio Recording

Brooklyn Museum_Mini-Task


  1. How is the meaning conveyed by the artist in your selected piece; is it through color? composition? symbols?
    The piece I selected is “Lace Headdress and Skirt.” This is made of machine-made lace, cotton, and ribbon; it looks grand and graceful, with the flower decoration on the head. The color of this garment are mainly pink and white; I think it shows the softness of women and a good combination with lace. The headdress is also called “Resplandor” in Spanish, meaning “The Brilliant, The Glowing.” This is original from Salina de Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico. Salina de Cruz is of “Zapotec” ethnicity, one of the most important pre-Columbian cultures. The dresses that Frida Kahlo used to wear and paint come from this area and ethical culture. The Resplandor is a typical headdress of the Tehuana women in the province of Oaxaca, Mexico. The pleated part fits tightly around the face, and the Resplandor is handmade in white lace with colored satin ribbons and starched, white pleated ruffles. It represents a high cultural and artistic value.


  1. How would you express your feelings of being in a new space or culture using specific materials, shapes, or objects? Think of ways to translate something abstract/intangible into a tangible form.

If I’m going to express my feelings in a new space or culture, I will combine the culture of that space. Use some unique materials such as fabric, or things that are specific to that space such as a pattern to express it; even some weird graphics, combined with my own feelings to make some changes, and make it special through the form. Some subtle details will also affect my feelings, which can represent the culture and what I feel about it.


  1. How does the piece you selected relate to your own critical object that you are designing for your partner?
    I decided to make a tote bag for my partner. I will use different fabrics to make it and add some decorations. Through the questions I interviewed her, I found that everyone has two sides. The Resplandor represents high cultural and artistic value. My critical object in some way can represent the value of each individual and the different sides of a person. If you focus on the headdress, it covers the head tightly, only can see the face; it makes me think like protection. The inside of the bag I’m going to make will be totally different from the outside, it represents the multi-faceted of my partner when she faces a different situation, also a way to protect herself.




week 04: historical self

What is your favorite occupation?

The first time when I want to be a fashion designer was when I was in primary school; our teacher gave me many stickers of dress, shoes, and hairs. Also, there are different models, and I can put those stickers on their body and make my collection. I was so excited at that time. I enjoy making a whole outfit like that. Moreover, when I grow older, there are tv shows, is about people in a limited time and use different fabric to make their clothes and design, I was always thinking what would I do if I have a chance to do things like that. Now I felt it is magical during the process of making a garment, and  I can use my ideas and use my hand to make garments.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

A girl who gets in touch to design and make a garment the first time, and I still remember the first piece I made at a studio is a dress. I was inspired by Marie Antoinette, who was the queen of fashion. I did much research and tried different techniques to make it the way I wanted.  I made a corset, popularized in Europe for how it highlights the body. A particular part is one side has three tiers, like a cake. A quote attributed to Antoinette is, “Let them eat cake,” but no one knows for sure if she said this.

Who are your heroes in real life?

When I was a little girl, my friends would often talk about their favorite heroes and asked each other who would be their number one favorite hero. I would always tell them that heroes only exist in stories and movies while my friends turned away disappointed at my dull answer. However, I realized my hero is my dad who loves me and protect me. When my life is in danger, it is my dad who is trying to save me. When that kind of thing happened, strangers are like watching a movie, feeling thrilled but without any action.

Critical Design readings_Mini-task

Critical Design as Constructive Provocation

  • A critical design has many faces
  • In the borderland between art and design
  • It might cause a number of big issues
  • Critical design is aimed at questioning the present conditions as opposed to fixing problems
  • Access to a wider audience
  • Make the invisible visible
  • Tool/constructive provocation
  • Challenging views
  • Provocation to think outside box


What is Critical Design?

  • Speculative
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Prompts discussion and debate
  • Opposite form
  • Affirmative design
  • Psychological/trigger emotions shift points of view
  • Impact of technology
  • Social change
  • Political/social
  • 90% humor and 10% critical