Studio 2

Bridge 5: inspirational kit
  Voice Recording:     Images: loom weaving   3D pen   crochet   plaster     bridge 2 – wearable piece   [...]
Bridge 4: public art
Introduction: Candice Du Fashion Design Major Enjoy trying different techniques to create work   Seminar Research Topic: Research question: What gives [...]
Bridge 3: Concept Pitch
Research question: What gives us the power to decide what our lives are? Research concepts: Memory can affect who you are as a person – can memories [...]
Bridge 2: wearable piece
Brooklyn Museum Woman’s Necklace, late 19th – early 20th centuries, Northern Japan; Edo period. The combination of colors and the shape in [...]
Bridge 1: Loom Weaving
Poem:   Process:            Final:   Paragraph: This is my first time making loom weaving using yarns. It takes some time for me to get used [...]
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