Assignment BRIDGE 4: Research-led Design
Public Art Artifact:   Design Brief: I created a small model of public sculpture as my artifact for this project based on the research of the topic [...]
Bridge 4_Planning Mini-task
Sprint Workshop_Mini-task
Research question: What if we live in a world without public art? Thesis Statement: Public art is a way to express community value; to show the cultural [...]
Assignment BRIDGE 3: NY Experience
Documentary:    Circle:   Process: Interview Questions Restaurant: What time do you usually get very busy? What time do you usually eat a meal? [...]
Assignment BRIDGE 3 – Process
From the exhibition, Behind the Screen: The first one is about the world series baseball. The Everything from the stadiums to the players to the television [...]
Brooklyn Museum_Mini-Task
  How is the meaning conveyed by the artist in your selected piece; is it through color? composition? symbols? The piece I selected is “Lace Headdress [...]
Critical Design readings_Mini-task
Critical Design as Constructive Provocation A critical design has many faces In the borderland between art and design It might cause a number of big issues [...]
Assignment BRIDGE 1 : MEMOIR
IMG_0476-15pueg6  IMG_0469.TRIM-2er42zg
How do you deal when in difficult or unfamiliar situations/spaces? Think of emotions and behaviors           I will find the best way to solve the problem [...]
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