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PS147 Prep + Three Final Project ideas
  1) This is the first time I heard about the concept of Seventh Generation Sustainability. I think this idea sounds like an extremely long-term goal. [...]
Kettl Reflection + 50 Year object
  1) FNBK – PRACTICING OBSERVATION #3        2) Reflect on trip to Kettl – I think the most interesting thing is that everyone sits [...]
Independent Field Research, Long Life Design.
  1) Many people will put another layer of the soles on the bottom of the shoes, which will reduce the abrasion of the soles and make the shoes wear [...]
Week 9: Long Life Design business practices
  1) The company is built on transparency, honesty, and an obsession with quality. So I think in some way it relates to the cost, sales, [...]
Mid-term reflection + Regeneration Design
  1) I satisfied with the result of our Kombucha leather. The beginning of the process made me a little bit anxious because I’m afraid if we [...]
Week 7: Repair Project
  1) Painting with Bacteria Lab I enjoyed the painting with the bacteria lab, but the result was disappointing because none of my three paintings [...]
Week 6: Pigment Lab Process + Long Life Design
  FNBK – PRACTICING OBSERVATION #2 There was not much change in the second return to Union Square Park, probably because the interval was [...]
Week 5: Painting with Bacteria Lab prep
  1) natural watercolor postcard sample   2) RESEARCH REFLECTION It is amazing to paint with bacteria. I have observed and cultivated bacteria in [...]
Week 4: Mapping Flight Systems
  1) I think she is a courageous girl. At such a young age, she can use practical actions to achieve what she wants to do. Boat trips are a popular [...]
Week 3: Systems Thinking
  1) 10 Different Systems First version:   Finally version: Vacuum cleaner systems   WiFi router systems   Refrigerator systems   [...]
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