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Claim – Memory
Research question: What gives us the power to decide what our lives are?   Claim: Memory can affect who you are as a person.   Reason: Different [...]
Brooklyn Museum – reflection
The artwork that I chose from the Brooklyn Museum is called “Because Once You Enter My House It Becomes Our House” by Jeffrey Gibson in 2018. Memories can [...]
Bridge 1: Loom Weaving
Poem:   Process:            Final:   Paragraph: This is my first time making loom weaving using yarns. It takes some time for me to get used [...]
Fieldwork Findings
Photos   Worksheet  
Through this semester, I learned and experimented different ways of created things. For the first project, it’s my first time trying to create [...]
Assignment BRIDGE 4: Research-led Design
Public Art Artifact:   Design Brief: I created a small model of public sculpture as my artifact for this project based on the research of the topic [...]
Bridge 4_Planning Mini-task
Sprint Workshop_Mini-task
Research question: What if we live in a world without public art? Thesis Statement: Public art is a way to express community value; to show the cultural [...]
week 11: radical cartography
Mind Map   Sources [...]
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