Lang Alums Present at the New School Career Expo

  • Posted on: October 5, 2015
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Lang alums presented in Alumni Mini-Meet Ups throughout the 2015 Career Expo, sharing their experiences with current New School students in informal round table discussions to assist current students in their career exploration.

Allen Strouse (’08, Literature; Science, Technology, & Society)
Currently an Academic and Poet, Strouse is the author of three books of poetry and currently teaches medieval literature at CUNY and New School. He also has experience as a labor union activist.

Lee Webb (’14, Global Studies)
Currently a Global Alliances Associate at Lombard Risk and Writer for The Bushwick Food Corp. Lee is currently working in business and writes for a Brooklyn organization that focuses on healthy lifestyle. She had experience as a Thai and English Language Teacher and Sailing Instructor.

Bettina Spencer (’01, Psychology)
Currently an Associate Professor at Saint Mary’s College.

Jahmila Joseph (’06, Cultural Studies & Media)
Currently an Assistant Associate Director at District Council 37, a public employee union. Jahmila has experience in government relations, fundraising, and events management. Her experiences include working in NYC Department of Education, Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, and a government and community relations firm.

Brendan Hancock (’07, Liberal Arts in Context)
Currently a Business Analyst at NYC Technology Development Corporation
Brendan has experience in technical advising at Microsoft, technical consulting, business analysis, and implementation and customization of CRM software.

Irene Lee (’12, Writing and French)
Currently an Instructor for I Have a Dream Foundation
Irene has experience working in childhood education, freelance curating, and production management.

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