#NerdyLang – Alex Chludzinska

  • Posted on: April 8, 2016
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IMG_7487Alex Chludzinska (Sophomore) Contemporary Music

Music, Writing, Philosophy


These two books, The Underground is Massive by Michaelangelo Matos and Energy Flash by Simon Reynolds, that I have been reading for the class Underground Dance Music in NYC have given me a new perspective on the emerging EDM scene. While reading these books, I discovered that this movement is not just a fad and has a deep history that began with disco in the ‘70’s.


From these books I learned that dance music has always been played in underground spaces because it fosters an accepting atmosphere, meaning that people who were considered outcasts because of their race or sexual identity could all be a part of something together.
Because I’ve been a part of the EDM scene for a few years now, these books were a huge eye-opener for me and gave me a better sense of what I have been identifying with when I identify with electronic dance music.

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