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  • Posted on: April 15, 2016
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Bruna Duarte (First Year) Global Studies


My first semester at Lang I took a class called “Artists and Social Change” which was different than anything I had ever studied before. It would be impossible for me to mention only one critical work since the whole course consisted of challenging literature that truly impacted me. We read plays such as Waiting For Lefty and Angels in America, written works such as “Sonny’s Blues,” and even watched films like The Dictator, where social issues where not only spoken about or expressed but rather profoundly criticized and exposed. This course was the first time that I was introduced to works by James Baldwin and Charlie Chaplin (which is embarrassing to admit). I had never been taught, to this extent, of the consequences and effects that such art had and, specifically, theater serving as a powerful catalyst for social change. It definitely changed my perception of past social events and movements while giving me a whole new understanding of their reality and the impact that theater and film had on them. And what is interesting to me is how the arts can be connected to global studies and international relations and how the impact reverberates through other courses like politics and psychology.

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