Cinzia Arruzza and Dmitri Nikulin edited New Volume of “Philosophy and Political Power in Antiquity”

  • Posted on: December 31, 2016
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Cinzia Arruzza, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Philosophy¬†and Dmitri Nikulin, Professor of Philosophy edit new volume of “Philosophy and Political Power in Antiquity.”¬†Philosophy and Political Power in Antiquity is a collection of essays examining ancient philosophers’ reflections on the connection between political power and philosophy. The ancient Greeks both invented political philosophy and were the first to conceptualize the implicit tension between political activity and the contemplative life as found in ideal political institutions and under conditions of repressive rule. These essays examine discussions of these issues within a wide variety of the major schools of antiquity from both interpretive and analytical perspectives. While providing novel approaches to ancient philosophical texts, this volume attests to the importance of political reflection, deliberation, and resistance for ancient thought, and to the enduring strength and relevance of these reflections for contemporary debates within political philosophy.


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