Timon McPhearson Edits New Books and More

  • Posted on: March 5, 2019
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While on sabbatical, Timon McPhearson, Associate Professor of Urban Ecology & Director of the Urban Systems Lab, edited the book Urban Plant (Cambridge University Press). He has also been working on Resilient Urban Farmers, set to be published in 2019 (Springer Nature). He also gave a talk at Hamilton College, A Social-Ecological-Technical Systems Approach to Modeling Urban Futures and presented Using the potential of nature to create greener, healthier and more inclusive cities at the ICLEI World Conference in Montreal. Some of his recently published articles include What is the One Thing Every Ecologist Should Know About Urban Ecology for The Nature of Cities, and a piece he co-wrote with Rositsa Illieva, Social-Media Data for Urban Sustainability, in Nature.

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