Julia Sonnevend in Public Seminar

Julia Sonnevend, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Communications, published an essay in Public Seminar: "The East in You Never Leaves."

Dominic Pettman in Public Seminar

Dominic Pettman, Professor of Culture and Media, wrote his essay "The Existential Status of The Simpsons" which was published on…

Allen Strouse in Public Seminar

Allen Strouse, Liberal Arts faculty and alum (Liberal Arts '08), published his piece New York City Buildings Were My Education in…

Julie Napolin’s Collaborative Essay

Julie Napolin, Literary Studies Assistant Professor, wrote "The Politics of the Musical Situation", a collaborative essay with composer Marina Rosenfeld, stemming from her presentation…

Heather Chaplin’a Essay in NiemanLab

Heather Chaplin, Journalism + Design Associate Professor, wrote the essay "Agree we're partisan -- for the Democratic system" for NiemanLab. -January 2019

Jeremy Varon Talks Dick Cheney

Jeremy Varon, History Professor and Chair, spoke about Dick Cheney's reputation in David Smith's Guardian article, "Dick Cheney is back but rehabilitation is not…
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