Scott Korb in POPULA

Scott Korb, director of First-Year writing, wrote"The Extravagant Inversion of Values" which was published in the POPULA.

Jennifer Baumgardner’s New Dottir Press

Jennifer Baumgardner, former Lang Professor, has a new new feminist press, Dottir (Icelandic for "daughter"), with the first season of books slated to hit this fall.

Emily Bode in Artnet

Emily Bode, BA/BFA Philosophy and Fashion Studies, '13, was mentioned in Artnet's "5 of Fashion’s Most Exciting Emerging Stars Share Their Favorite…

Ilana Cruger-Zaken’s Op-ed in Mondoweiss

Ilana Cruger-Zaken, Liberal Arts student, wrote the op-ed piece "Questioning Zionism is not allowed within the mainstream Jewish community" for Mondoweiss.  

Alyssa Ciardi in AMNY

Alyssa Ciardi, Journalism + Design student, wrote "Development will harm the wild birds of Inwood,"an OpEd in AMNY about preserving Inwood’s North Cove wetlands for…
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