Modern-Contemporary Connections Reflection

Date: 2010 Pencil on paper 89 5/16 × 69 5/8 in 226.9 × 176.8 cm

Date: 2010
Pencil on paper
89 5/16 × 69 5/8 in
226.9 × 176.8 cm



The first artwork that I have shown above is a piece entitled his is an image own piece entitled Master Anatomy Practice that I think relates to Jenny Saville’s work. Similarly to Saville, the work that I have chosen to share is a pencil drawing done on paper. I have taken the drawing of a master and remastered it by altering what it once was and making it my own and ultimately altering the message. My drawing has a layer of a more transparent paper placed on top that has a second drawing done on top of it. In placing the transparent drawing over top of the bottom drawing it shows the skeletal structure of the woman’s face. I have drawn inspiration from her because she goes against the norms of what is historically recorded as female representation in art. Although Saville’s work is very serious and I attempt to accomplish similar messages and attitudes, I also often allude to a more playful nature of women and how they handle their situations with boldness and grace.

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