Notes on Gillian Rose’s “Discourse Analysis II” Core Seminar 2

Discourse Analysis II

Institutions and ways of seeing

  • discourse and visual culture: a reprise

Two methodologies from Michel Foucault sharing concern with power/knowledge through discourse

1. analysis: the type that works with visual images and written/spoken texts

  • focuses on production and organization of visual & textual materials

2. discourse analysis: works with similar materials

  • more concerned with production by particular institutions and practices


  • material that a type of analysis works with is an archive

Alan Sekula

  • archive is an institution
  • On archives of photographs “any photographic archive, no matter how small, appeals indirectly to these institutions for its authority.” (Sekula, 1986: 155)
  • understanding of discourses in relation to account of institutions

Foucault examines institutions and their disciplines

  • he questions what effects punishment as a spectacle (and it’s shift to institutional routine) had on the institutions and people within it
  • new exercises of punishment in certain professions

Jeremy Bentham panopticon- building designed for the use of disciplining institutions like prisons, hospitals, workhouses, schools, madhouses

  • surveillance- a means of producing social order through a form of visuality
  • institutional apparatus- the forms of power/ knowledge which constitute the institutions: for example, architecture, regulations, scientific treatises, philosophical statements, laws, morals
  • institutional technologies- the practical techniques used to practice that power/knowledge

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