Mucous, Monsters and Angels

For my second studio project I chose Patricia Maccormack’s piece “Mucous, Monsters and Angels: Irigaray and Zulawski’s Possesion.” The passage I primarily focused on was where it spoke of women’s sexuality and how it was “monstrous only because it collapses binary machines and liberates desire through becoming-more-than-one without subsuming difference. Women’s sexuality may be monstrous but here the monstrous lover is that which catalyses thought, pleasure and fluid mystic carnality. In this sense, for the purpose of this article, monstrous acts of pleasure can be understood through Irigaray as angelic openings, and monsters as angels.” (Page 96). In reading this it translated into my mind as meaning that a woman who embraces her sexuality is seen as a monstrous creature and her desire is uncontrollable and a consuming presence. I chose to use the white paper as a symbol of purity and how, according to the standards that Maccormack speaks of, a woman should hide her sexual desires and passions. I made the women in the center be portrayed in a pose of relaxation and leisure and with her being naked it made her vulnerable to the audiences gaze. Around her I made a vast ocean of cut outs of eyes as women are always put under some sort of judgement when they display themselves in any way they want whether or not other people find it and seem it socially acceptable. In cases of social media and even in public with the way women dress they constantly run into people who feel that it’s appropriate to share their opinions about how other people should live their lives. The images around her and made up monstrous shapes and creatures reminiscent of wolves. They represent her desires and the monstrous qualities of her sexuality.

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