Bridge #4 – Zine

Bridge Project 4: Introduction to Research
Students will create a zine that addresses political issues in the science fiction world of a film from the given list. Each student will take a position on the social issue of their choosing and create a zine as agitational propaganda. You will use the content of the film to explore the particulars of social issues that plague that world. Any social issues presented within the universe of the film are fair game. Social issues are experienced by a multitude of people, problems that extend beyond an individual, and involve perception by the society as a whole. Students will be the authors of both visual and textual content in their zine. Each zine will have two pages (full spread) dedicated to a map, two pages dedicated to an avatar(s), and two pages dedicated to any supporting content you need to help better demonstrate your argument. The zine you create should be six pages plus a front and back cover. Consider the physical elements of the zine you create. What information can be relayed through the type of paper, the size of zine, the colors you use, etc? Be specific about your choices!
This is how the pages turned out.
People seemed to understand the story that I was telling and that it was a story. When I asked if I should have put titles with the month and year they said that it was fine without it which I was happy about because that is what I was the most worried about. People seemed to like my stylistic choices of collaging the digital robocop behind a desk that I sketched. It would have been stronger if, on the school supplies list page, I created a background. Oz’s handwritten pages were very nice because of this. I think that overall the project was well received even though there were some things that I would like to change or make better if I had more time.

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