Fragment Visualization

For my Fragment Visualization piece, I chose the quote, “This was before rivers had names other than names for my father. It was before there were numbers, those fearsome first angels. Long before the wind learned to speak in past tense. Before it started crossing into the future by leaving all of its faces behind.” I took the imagery I read in the quote and incorporated the ones that evoked an emotion for me. The first image that emerged in my mind was to have rivers mimic the silhouette of flames. The lines of the poem read as this rhythmic fiery flow, with the repetition of the word “before”. And so, I wanted to illustrate those rivers going into this formidable future. I also drew a person “speaking out” their future, manifesting what they say and making it into a reality. The river symbolizes the crossing into the future. I also illustrated blind contour faces on the main figures head to depict the faces that are being left behind. Finally, I added a halo-like silhouette behind the main subject to also contribute to the nature elements of the piece, as well as balance the composition.

One thought on “Fragment Visualization

  1. Hi Emily,
    A thoughtful interpretation and close reading of your text., including your translation of rivers into fire, of their lateral movement across the page as ‘time’, and your re-iteration of facial forms to represent speech. Rich tones and balanced use of space.
    Grade: A
    Thank you,
    Pr. R. Youens

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