Bridge #3: Parent Interview

For the bridge #3 project, we were assigned to create an illuminated manuscript inspired by our interview with our parents/guardians. A moment that stuck out to me in my mom’s interview was when she told me that there was nothing that would stop her from going to France. It resonated with me because our stories paralleled with one another; at the same age, I was determined to live in New York and study here. And so, I created an illuminated manuscript that combined both of the cities’ bridges and cityscapes. I wanted the buildings to look very flat and distorted to give it the sense of having an unfamiliar sensation. I also wanted to make the entire color palette in pastels of blue, pink, and yellow to further drive this sense of wonder that my mother and I both shared when moving to new cities. In her interview, the way that she described France was with such fascination and enthrallment, so I wanted to capture that in this piece. At the bottom of the manuscript, I wrote,”La Po├ęsie est dans la rue”, which translates to “The poetry is in the streets” in French. She experienced so much beauty while she lived there and looked at everything through a bright-eyed lens.