Remake II

Title of Work: I Hope This Finds You Well

Documented through analog text and disposable film, I Hope This Finds You Well tells the story of one woman’s experience on the dating app, Tinder. Inspired true stories, Sophie Calle’s early work from the late 1970s through early1980s, and our twenty-first century society which is saturated with social media, this book seeks to question the line betweeninquisitiveness and intrusiveness. It explores personal privacy, and in a culture where over-sharing our lives on the internet is  anything but uncommon, it seeks to answer if platonic intimacy between strangers is possible, face to face.

For part two, we decided to fictionize the account of our experiences. We decided to narrate the story with one coherent voice instead of have a recount of our four different experiences. We divided our project into four different roles for each of us: I was to write and compile our experiences into one coherent text, Caterina was to develop our disposable camera photos, Renata was to layout the book on indesign, and Konstanze was to create the cover of the book. Our group worked harmoniously and everybody did their part.

The book was well received during the final presentation and reading. Slightly humorous but overall a serious book, everyone listened and seemed to be interested in the story.

To read the book, click here.

Photos of the final resolution of the book to come.

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