Space Project 4

Project 4: Wire Contour Studies

Comparing to the Last project I did for the Contour drawing. Basically, the drawings I did on the Last project were blind drawings. We did portraits, hands, the parts of our objects and the parts from my partner’s objects. According to this project, I used wire to contour the five drawings.

Here’s a portrait, a hand, and three parts of the objects from my partner.


I think this project is very creative, because we get to know how to play with the wire. By using wire, we had to focus on the angles and shapes of the lines we did on the drawing. When I were doing the wire, I could image how I did the drawing before and the how different between the real items and the blend drawing. The project is super fun, that we used different tools to learn how to cut wire and make wire into different shapes.

Here are some great quotes from the text I choose which relates to this project:

“Practical knwo-how, on the other hand, is always tied to the experience of a particular person. It can’t be download, it can only be lived.”

“We take a very partial view of knowledge when we regard it as the sort of thing that can be gotten while suspended aloft in a basket.”

“Let us consider more fully how it is that practical know-how is neither fully formalizable nor essentially rulelike.”

Relating to the quotes, this project could definetly tells and teaches us HOW to know something well. Trying to image the thing before you want to exactly know about it. Using wire to line out the blind drawings could teach us how to know the simple items well, even though they are always near us, but we never take time to touch, feel and image them.


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