Space project 5

Project 5: Mobile

Here is one schematic sketches of mobile structure:

Here are two pictures of process photos of build:


Here are two final pictures of wire mobile:

This project is basically to build a structure from which to suspend my five wire drawings in a mobile formation. We are allowed one point of attachment to the Waller calling using a push pin or 3M hook. At first, I was doing a simple sketch to represent how I wanted my objects set up. Then, I would use a thicker wire to stay at the top, and put my objects up on the two sides of structure. After all, I examined the structure to make sure they were balanced. I put it on my finger to examine it.

This project is very interesting which actually give me a chance to make a structure. The individual wire parts engage with each other together, as in a community, it actually represents that everything could be balanced into one composition. By using wire, I get to know the relationship with wire and space. The different compositions which we could make are just like the balanced world we are living one.

There some great quotes from my texts that are related to this project:

“When the point of education becomes the production of credentials rather than the cultivation of knowledge, it forfeits the motive recognized by Aristotle: “All human beings by nature desire to know.”

“We’re not as free and independent as we thought. Street-level work that disrupts the infrastructure (the sewer system below or the electrical grid above) brings our shared dependence into view. People may inhabit very different worlds even in the same city, according to their wealth or poverty.”

“If thinking is bound up with action, then the task of getting an adequate grasp on the world, intellectually, depends on our doing stuff in it.”

“In this book I would like to speak up for an ideal that is timeless but finds little accommodation today: manual competence, and the stance it entails toward the built, meterial world.”

It’s just like what the author says “all human beings by nature desire to know”, this project is giving us a great example which makes human beings to think and imagine what actually we want to create, and how we look at the relationship of wire and space.


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