The first exhibition our class went together was Nina Chanel Abney’s first solo exhibition. According to the abstraction showed from her work, they captured and gave a sense of some relationships between money, sex, social society, history and human beings’ nature. The painting truly explored her ideas in an abstract way, which the compositions she manipulated as she created work that was politically charged and socially engaging. By seeing her art works, she used a lot of shapes like circles, triangles, rectangles on human beings’ body which brought the style to a abstraction easily. I like how she used different bright colors like yellow and red, to combine with dark colors like brown and black, which showed a comparison of color using she did there. The artist used the money logo $ for some of her works, which kind of showing a sense of angry on the social society she’s belonging now. This appearance of her works related perfectly to politically charged and socially engaging by keep showing abstract faces in a dark color and many money logos.

The second exhibition we went was Cécile B. Evans “What the Heart Wants” + Thomas Hirschhorn “Pixel-Collage”. First, I really like the colors he used for the collages part. The amazing colors were been combined softly and gently. Also, I think the colors he chose to put were related to socially engaging. I saw he changed to different colors while he changed the scenes of stories. Some of the collages were incomprehensible, because they were a bit bloody and awkward. That kinda related to politically charged and the issues of social society. However, I think the way he liked to explore his arts by doing collages were awesome. The wondering colors he used for some of the giant collages in the corner were very effective and unique.

The third exhibition we had been to which was the Douglas Gordon: ‘’back and forth and forth and back’’. From his exhibition, Douglas Gordon was very creative about the way how he wanted audiences to see. By spanning narrative vides, sound, and photographic objects, he successfully represented a combination of humor and trepidation to recalibrate reactions to the familiar. I really like the way he used to show his inward world by exploring ideas from a digital old-fashion way. When I first time step into the gallery, I think the giant video he showed in middle of the whole gallery was very interesting and creative. He didn’t show a lot of works in gallery, but I feel less things are rare. The giant video in black and white related to the politically charged and socially engaging in a very fickle way. The black and white color gave a feel of old-fashion and awkward. Also, the bird sound around and the three little views in the other small room were all appeared in a fickle way.

From looking at those three galleries we had been last Friday, I think they were all very interesting and unique. The similarities are they all explore their ideas well in an unique way, and their works all related perfectly to politically charged and socially engaging. The differences are they all use different ways and materials on showing their works.

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