First Learning portfolio – Week 1

My name is Jiaona Fu. I’m from Shanghai, China. I finished my high school in San Diego, California last year. My major at Parsons is Fashion Design. I traveled with friends to New York almost ever year, but this is actually my first year living in NYC. Both of my parents are designers, especially my mom is a fashion designer who owns fashion business in Shanghai. I have a brother who is living in Shanghai and sometimes in Tokyo. I love to play badminton,read fashion magazines and spend time with my family. My art works are about clothing designs, painting, sketching and colleges, and photographies. I like to use charchoals, pastel and acrylic paints for my work. From this course, I want to learn more different ways and skills to create things. Also, getting know new friends and artists are super fun while I’m studying at Parsons. When I graduate from Parsons, I want to start my own business of fashion. Before I get to have a strong investment, I want to get one MBA program degree for business.

Here are some art works I did in the past:

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