Studio Bridge 2 Project

Bridge Project 2 by Joanna Fu

Character Name: Low Profile Gender: F
Age: 19 Lives in NYC
Went to high school in West Coast
Youngest of 4 siblings
Speaks 3 languages
Work on commissions for drawing/painting and design A freshman in college and major in fine art

According to this character that I design, her name is Low Profile, a young college student living in NYC. She was born in Asia, and moved to the U.S. She grew up in West Coast and is the youngest child of 4 siblings in her family. She speaks 3 languages including English, Chinese, and Japanese. She likes to read art and fashion magazines. Her taste of music varies from classic piano and jazz to pop music.

The reason why I create this character by having black top and black skirt on the body and giant, heavy multiple headpieces on her head is because this character is one of the symbols that I see inside me and my partner. The design is just like the name says “low profile”. I know even sometime it’s good to show off or stay on high key which got influenced by the environment. Even it’s noisy and full of traffic in NYC, but we still want to keep low key indeed. The only two colors that I use is black and white to represent a low key statu and motivation. The black top and black skirt are very simple and mysterious. They represent that I want to fit and push myself into NYC and keep it low key. The giant and beavy headpieces which have detailed textures on represent the pressures that we got from the outside and also inside. The multiple headpieces mean to many things. Why I don’t just make one headpiece instead of making four or five of them from big to small, and from bottom to the top, because the pieces of pressures could take out or move back. Into the socially, everyone is trying to keep themselves low key and moving their “headpieces” away from their heads.

First draft design:

black top and black bottom

First draft of dultiple headpieces:

Moodboard- images of inspiration and sketches:


Process pictures/ Destailed photos of headpiece designs:

using regular sketching paper


Final photo shoots:

black top – made of black muslim

black skirt – made of black muslin

headpieces – made of sketching paper



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