Bridge 3 project

Bridge 3 Project:

Here’s our bridge 3 project. As a group, we reacted and designed a video based on a painting called “Three Women at the Spring” by Pablo Picasso.┬áThe three women emerge from the rocky scene like gigantic sculptures in relief.

We spent a day together working on the props and the filming of the video. We worked together very well as a group, we shared our different opinions and finalizing it at the end. The fact that we created the piece together really helps the efficiency and the quality of it, because we were able to discuss on every aspects and combine everyone’s opinion together.

Process photos:

First, we decided who acted which character.

Second, we designed and searched for the supplies and elements we need.

Third, we bought the supplies like paints, brushes, fabric and boards.

Fourth, we painted the boards into a dark brown for the background.

Fifth, we decided how to act in our video.


Image of original painting(Three Woman At Spring):

Image of final piece:

Video of final piece:

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