Bridge One: Unpacking a Project

Bridge One: Unpacking a Project

The main idea of this project is to deconstruct a project from the previous semester in seminar and create a visual map of their process.

The idea of this previous project was about how I want to create friendship by building a real model. The theme was “friendship”. I chose one of my best friend from high school, her name is Kelsey. She’s at Parsons as well now, which I thought God put us together and became very good friendships. As all of us know, friendship is one kind of special love. It’s not very like love from parents or other. When you really have a good relationship with a friend, you might have a hard time sometime. Sometime friends would have poker face to each other. The “Queen Face” is not an issue, but if you are a girl, you must worry about your friendship at that point. You might think about what you had been done was wrong. So what decided to design a real model which invited my friend to my class and presented for it. Both of us wear outfits in black in the picture. We both holded a very thick rope. I knitted many colorful cotton balls on the rope. Different colors represented different moods between us. The other hands we would hold mirrors to represent that I want our language and communications directly transfer to each other through  looking at the mirror. That point was because sometimes girls are very dramatic, we don’t say the truth, so if I really want to know about her feel, I want the mirror directly tells me.

I transferred the project I created to small drawing for this project to more explore and express my idea about “Friendship”.



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