7 in 7

Project: 7 in 7

I  made my material from my 100 drawings as inspiration. Now I created 1 work of art for 7 days. My 7 objects were made by different materials, some are come from the form of photo shoot and mixed media.

Here are the 7 works:

1. Photo shoot

materials: candle, wire, clips, plug

2. Mixed media

materials: wrapping paper, acyclic paper

word 佛 represents the the word of Buddhism in China on the canvas

3. Mixed media

materials: stickers, acyclic paints

called: Buddhism’s hand

represnted the kindness of Buddhism beliefs

4. Mixed media

materials: acrylic paint

Colord of red and black represent the Death of the continued rebirth

Red acrylic paint made a symbol of Asian religion

5. Photo shoot

materials: stickers, vase

which represents the natura of the environment

6. Photo shoot

materials: lip sticks,fork, candle, gold mirror paper

which represent the elements of money,food and spirit

7. Photo shoot

materials: paper

which is made of Bristol paper to a shape of 3D triangle. Represents the element of the universe from the world.


The seven objects represent 7 different appearances that I see from Buddhism belief. Since my family are Buddhism believers, so I’m kinda familiar with its beliefs. The seven objects I created were all explored the appearance of elements that God created for us. For example, I see nature as environment, money as living, food as survival, etc. Those element are mean to achieve the goal that the Buddhists want to teach “the way to eliminate suffering began with understanding the true nature of the world”, from the learning. There are three wants from the Buddhism study, first, is to lead a moral life; second, is to be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions; third, is to develop wisdom and understanding.

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