Week 1 Post

Explain what each of the two aphorisms means (in your own words) and explain why you agree or disagree with them. 


“Fashion is gossip. Never underestimate the power of gossip. Semiologists are driven into ecstasies of supposition by its whispers.”

Fashion is reasonable to be called gossip, because fashion in nowadays is intensely trendy and  amazed. Right now, we get to have fashion magazines and media and more and more designer brands are to be announced. News are always stick with popular things, just like fashion. Never underestimate the power of gossip, since gossip could bring both positive effects and negative effects. I agree with this aphorism, because everything could be gossip, fashion is one of the most popular words in the world now, gossip brings it more attentions. The communities and societies have been changed, young teenagers and adults are more focuses on what catches their eyes, so I really like what it says there, “fashion is gossip”. It’s gossip, but it won’t be fake. 

“Fashion is intensely personal, in the same way that poetry is intensely personal… memories re-lived and futures foretold.”

As what I think, fashion represents another form of personal style and art. When the fashion turns to be specific, it comes to be intensely personal. Fashion is not only a structure of creating good things to get presented, but also reflects designers’ personal senses of aesthetics. I agreed with this aphorism, because as a designer, when I have my ideas in my brain, it could be very quick and touched, it’s all about my thoughts from personal just like creating a new poetry. Creating a new poetry refreshes your mind and stores your memories.

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