Location: Union Square

Subject: An elm tree

Through imaging “I am an elm tree”, what I see from my side is people walking around me daily, birds are my friends like to have a rest on my arms. The animals like squirrels, pigeons even rats at Union Sqaure are all my friends. I feel lonely sometimes, because people don’t talk to me. I feel sick as well, because I don’t get enough sunshine. Sunshine is my food, my life, I need it to survive. In my perspective, it is important to me to have sunshine, light and the respect from people. I want people to be nice to me even they think I’m a non-human subject. I want people not to keep throwing trash on me, or make me dirty. I expect the aspects of environments are nice and neat. The area doesn’t have to have lots of living things, but I want the area has enough sunshine as my food.

Here are some views I see at union square:



Design intervention:

As a designer, in a human perspective, I decided to design a diagram/ of solar which can calculate where sunshine comes, this could make sure the trees get enough “food” and be healthy. The illustration documents how a tree grow up little by little. They need sunshine as their “food” to get bigger. The trees want more to be raised outside than inside. From the intervention, the designer should calculate what degrees and angels of sunshine come from can help trees grow up much better.


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