Sustainable and Systems Reflection on Earth Manual Project

Reflection for Earth Manual Project,

I visited the Earth Manual Project exhibition on 2 w 13th Street at one of the Parsons’building. The creative items got exhibited were very obsessed. The exhibition is curated by Hirokazu Nagata, President of Plus Arts and Vice Director of Design and Creative Center Kobe in Japan. The project is very about examples of work from countries where natural disasters are frequent, such as Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. It’s an exhibition collaboration between The Japan Foundation Asia Center and The New School. The exhibition includes educational programming, and videos that show how to quickly create items that may be needed after a disaster. The designers chose different techniques to express their ideas on dealing with disasters at different stages and innovative approaching to disaster issues. I think the idea of having this exhibition exist is very interesting. When I first time walked into the exhibition, I felt everything I saw was so sustainable. The designers used a lot of papers to show what it is simple and good to know about materials of green. I saw some designers created emergency goods for instances when shelters at home is the best option after a disaster. As well as there were some good kits for “save yourself to ensure the costumers’ and companies’ safety. I really think this concept of exhibition’s idea is very useful and helpful to our life. All of those interesting products that were exhibited were brought new inspirations on my other projects.


Great at pictures from the gallery:

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