LP Post #5

Learning Portfolio Post #5 (250 words)

What is fashion? Fashion in my view is something we see everyday. Each of us has different styles of dress practices, however, everyone of us could call them fashion. Fashion is a popular trend that we improve and change everyday. Since fashion is a wide word for something creative and diversified, my understanding of fashion has changed since the beginning of the class. I found out the new fashion world has been became more and more bombarded with new ideas like music, film, drama, things like that. For example, as we all know, Victoria’s Secret’s every seasonal show inserts with live music and popular singer. Having music from a trendy singer with the show’s fashion is a worldwide fashion, just like what Susan Kaiser said, “Fashion involves becoming collectively with other.”Another example is having fashion get published in movies, like “The Devil Wears Prada”. The products like dresses, shoes, jewelry, accessories which published in the movies were be more popular, trendy and pricey at the time, which is called fashion trendy. People would buy those products even they are way too pricy. I think fashion is a signature of trendy and how we live. Joanne Entwistle said, “Dress has an intimate relationship to the body.” People have to wear clothes everyday. Clothing has become something we can’t live without. Fashion is a spirit of vita, the world lives with fashion, like Susan said, “Fashion is never finished, and it crosses all kinds of boundaries.” Fashion never stops, because fashion is changing all the time.

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